One Million Flavours was born as a final project for my Masters in Web Design and Content Plannig at the University of Greenwich. The project aims to pick an idea or a topic and create a website from scratch (OMG!). Starting from the logo and brand identity through creating a theme for WordPress, to go live, the promotion, and finally, arriving at the statistical analysis.

As a topic, I chose what I like the most: food, ICE-CREAM, to be precise. On my website, I’ll try to explain in an easy and fun way how to make ice cream at home using fresh ingredients and so, so much love.

On Facebook and Instagram, I try to tell my adventures. If you like ice cream, are curious about my web journey, or are just a really bad person and you like to see how much I struggle, follow my vicissitudes, and you’ll not regret it!

Just one more thing: stay hungry, stay coolish.