Chocolate ice-cream in a glass with a spoon on the right side

Chocolate ice-cream is not just delicious but most of all, it’s great! Plus, it’s my favourite! 😉

Chocolate ice-cream, loved by everyone – kids and kids at heart. It is simple to prepare at home with truly amazing results. You’ll see.
This flavour is prepared with egg yolks, milk, cream and cocoa or directly with a bar of dark chocolate.

The chocolate ice-cream is excellent served with biscuits or waffles, maybe a homemade cone, and garnished with whipped cream!
Don’t worry I’m going to explain also these recipes on this site :)

Ready? Let’s start!

This recipe is:


Gluten Free


Peanut Free

Preparation time:

35-45 minutes


you'll be fine


  • 50 gr. of dark chocolate
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 120 gr. icing sugar
  • 150 gr. of whipping cream
  • 250 gr. of partially skimmed milk or whole milk

Step 1

Take a casserole with a thick bottom and wash it with cold water without drying it. Heat the milk with the dark chocolate in this saucepan over a very slow heat.



Step 2

Stirring constantly. When the chocolate has completely melted, remove the saucepan from the heat and allow the mixture to cool down to room temperature (about 20 ° C).



Step 3

In a separate bowl mix together the egg yolk with the cream.



Step 4

When the melted chocolate is at room temperature you can add it to the mixture as shown in the photo.





Step 5

You’re almost there. Now you can pour the mixture trough the lid of your ice-cream machine, select a program (if you have one) and switch on the machine.

Wait the necessary time, usually no more than 30 mins and Da-dan your ice-cream is ready!

OMG! Are you ready?



When the ice-cream will be ready don’t start to eat it immediately — WHAAT?

Leave the ice-cream in the freezer for 1 hour before tasting it, if you can resist ;)


PS: don’t forget to add the perfect topping for chocolate: whipped cream — of course!