Chocolate Sauce

This is not an ordinary Chocolate Sauce. This is the definitive CHOCOLATE SAUCE!
So, stay focus, and you’ll not regret!

If you love chocolate as much as I do then follow the easy steps to get the perfect sauce to make the best chocolate ice-cream your taste buds have ever tasted.

Ready? One, two, three GOOOO!

Chocolate sauce recipe

This recipe is:


Gluten Free


Egg Free


Peanut Free

Preparation time:

30 minutes


you'll be fine


  • Water 460 gr.
  • Sugar 220 gr.
  • Cocoa powder 170 gr.
  • Dark chocolate 150 gr. – 50% at least

Step 1

Break up or chop the chocolate into small pieces put into a bowl and leave it for later.


Step 2

Add water and sugar in a saucepan.



Step 3

Let dissolve the sugar by using a whisker as shown in the picture.



Step 4

Now add the cocoa powder. Believe me, don’t rush this step or you’re gonna find yourself with cocoa powder even on the tip of your head.

Good things need time.



Step 5

Stir vigorously with a whisker as shown in the picture until the mixture is smooth.



Step 6

When you see a little smoke coming up from the saucepan, it’s time to add the chocolate previously left aside in a bowl. Do this by reducing the heat and keep stirring gently.

BE GENTLE, I can see that you’re making a disaster in your kitchen! 



I suggest to use this chocolate sauce to make your chocolate ice-cream flavour, the taste is simply fantastic. Is it clear enough that I LOVE CHOCOLATE?

In the ingredients, I specified to use dark chocolate 50% at least, but I warmly suggest a 75%  and you don’t get wrong.

Now that you have the chocolate sauce you can use it to make your chocolate ice-cream flavour. Yay!