Lemon Sorbet

Lemon sorbet is the best way to complete your meal. Usually, it is used to refresh the mouth between a course and another. In this way when you start to eat the next dish, your taste buds are ready to taste new ingredients. Lemon sorbet is a classic, it’s easy to make it. Especially after a hot day, it’s exactly what you need to cool down your body and your mind.

Now that you know how good it is let’s make it!

This recipe is:


Gluten Free


Diary Free


Egg Free


Peanut Free

Preparation time:

30 minutes


ready in a jiffy


  • 300 gr. of water
  • 125 gr. of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 125 gr. of sugar

Step 1

First of all, we need to prepare the syrup sugar. Don’t worry it’s just a matter of a few minutes.

Put sugar and water in a saucepan and boil this mixture over low heat for 2 minutes. 2. Let the sugar syrup cool down to room temperature (about 20° C).


Step 2

Squeeze the juice of 3-4 lemons, filter it and pour it in a bowl.


Step 3

Mix the lemon juice and the sugar syrup all together with, possibly with a mixer, for a couple of minutes.

Now you can pour the mixture through the lid of your ice-cream machine, select the right program and switch it on.

Wait the necessary time, usually no more than 30 mins and Da-dan your sorbet is ready!

OMG! Are you ready to taste it?




If you feel audacious I suggest you to add a bit of liqueur to your recipe, Limoncello is the best mate! Add 20gr. of Limoncello to the bowl and mix together with lemon juice and sugar syrup and let me know.

How was? Good right?!? It’s alrtight you don’t have to thank me :)